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1.40W DSP Professional-tuned audio
2.360°Omni directional surround sound
3.Six cross-symmetric aligned drivers
4.TwS Douple-up stereo pairing w/2nd Voombox-Pro
5.IPX5 rated water-proof rugged design
6.10000mAh Li-on battery w/12hrs playtime
7.USB charging capability, NFC pairing,Hands-free calling


Omni directional sound

360°sound directs the stunning audio to every direction
The omni directional sound is perfect for the outdoor audio

40W DSP - Tuned Audio

Tremendous power tamed by the Divoom audio engineers
Delivers immersive sound and surprising loud for its size

6 Drivers Design

Full range, passive radiator, tweeter; double everything
Voombox Pro delivers the ultimate audio experience

Double-up paring

Equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology
Pair them together for the ultimate stereo audio


1.Power ON both Voombox-Pro, and press both ‘TwS pairing’ buttons.

2.They will automatically pair together

3.Once paired, both speakers will show up as one "Divoom pro"

4.Pair with the ‘Divoom Pro’ in the mobile phone’s Settings.

 *Before the pairing process, please make sure neither of speakers are connected.  

IPX5 Waterproof

You’re not afraid of a little water, neither should your speaker.
Voombox-Pro’s waterproof design means you can use it in most
places without worrying, like at the beach or by the pool.

Rugged Design

Like its rugged appearance, the Voombox-Pro is
built with toughest components. No worries if you
knock it off the desk or set it down on the rural
camping ground.


Voombox-Pro is equipped with 10000mAh Li-on
battery, providing the perfect balance between
ultimate audio experience and battery life.


Playtime:Up to 12 hours

Charge up

When your phone’s running low on battery,
Voombox-Pro can charge your phone with
its massive size internal battery.

NFC Pairing

Just tap your phone and connect with the Voombox-Pro;
pairing a speaker is simple as One, Two, Three.

Modern Conveniences

Voombox Pro is equipped with a high clarity microphone,
where you can easily answer/end/reject call.

Multi-function buttons

Multiple functions buttons with emboss design for easy access.
Take total control over your Voombox-Pro.


The new Voombox-Pro features a 40W of stunning
audio, as well as the 360°omni directional sound for
your outdoor activities. It offers 12 hours non-stop
music play with its 10000mAh battery, as well as the
USB charging capability for your mobile. You can
further enhance the audio experience by pairing
another Voombox-Pro together into the TwS stereo
mode. Along with the IPX5 waterproof design, time
to let its epic audio to rock your world!


* 40W DSP-tuned stunning audio
*  Six drivers 360°omni directional sound
*  IPX5 waterproof and rugged design
*  TwS double up pairing with Stereo mode
*  10000mAh battery and USB charging function


Dimensions :

Driver size :

Output power :

Signal to noise ratio :

Battery Capacity :

Battery Voltage :

Battery Charge Time :

Playback Time :

Bluetooth compliant :

Weight :

Frequency Response :

245L x 123W x 60H mm

2.5'' full range+Tweeters x 2




3.7 V

4-5h hours

Up to 10 hours

Bluetooth V4.2 smart


65-20K Hz