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The Ultimate Audio Experience

Acoustic Beast

Underneath its elegantly crafted body, Tivoo-Max is
an acoustic beast that delivers the ultimate audio experience.

2.1 Stereo Audio

Tivoo-Max audio is composed with a 40 watts
2.1 stereo audio setup. This is the most powerful
and best sounding speaker that we ever built

All about the bass

Tivoo-Max delivers a strong punch of bass with
an 20W active subwoofer. We also used a bass port
chassis design to effectively increase the bass effect

Tuning and DSP

Harnessed with the latest DSP technology,
Divoom audio engineering team fine-tuned
its sound to perfection

Magic of Light

Every Tivoo-Max is equipped with 256 programmable LED.
Capable of 16 millions of color, it provides an immersive lighting experience.

Introducing Divoom Pixel Art Community


Community for pixel art lovers around the world
Share, like, comment and interact with each other

Pixel Art Creation

Pixel art is the soul of Tivoo-Max, and
we provided five different pixel art creation
methods. This is best pixel art canvas ever.

LED Editor

You can convert your Tivoo-Max into
a message billboard. Just enter your
message, and let it play.

Smart Alarm

To make sure that you start your days right, Tivoo-Max
stimulates the real-life sun rise effect, where both lighting
and audio alarm come on gradually. And there’re many
customizable built-in profiles for you to choose from:

Multiple scenery profiles

Sleep Aid

Tivoo ensures a great night of sleep with its built-in
high quality Alphawave white noise tracks, as well as
its special calibrated melatonin-inducing light waves

Adjustable lighting

Custom brightness

Social Media Notifications

When you receive a message or an event,
Tivoo-Max will flash the corresponding logo to remind you.

Daily Tools

Tivoo-Max comes with many useful daily functions, such as the DJ Mixer.


Tivoo-Max is the flagship model of the Divoom pixel art speaker. It features a 2.1 speaker setup with the active sub-woofer. With the powerful Divoom Smart application, you can enjoy the nostalgia pixel art creation, as well as the massive daily functions and smart alarm. It is time for you to step up your game!

UPC:840500101872(black)   840500101896(white)   840500101919(red)


*40W speaker w/bass port

*256 LED panel w/16 million colors

*Pixel art, Animation, and text creations

*Online pixel art gallery and community

*48 Built-in sleep aid & alarm profiles

* Social media notifications & many functions

*Mobile application w/continuous updates

Dimensions:184.5L x 163W x 86H mm
Driver size:78mmX1,45mmX2
Output power:40W
Signal to noise ratio :≥80dB
Battery Capacity :10000 mA
Battery Voltage :3.7 V
Battery Charge Time :4-5hrs
Playback Time:Up to 10 hours
Bluetooth compliant:Bluetooth V5.0
Frequency Response:40-20K Hz
Charge:via USB cable,5V-2A