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Unique & Stylish

Show the team spirit with its logo, or display your current thought; everything is possible through the Pixoo backpack. You are always the center of the spotlight, so let’s strike up a conversation and time to mingle!

Explore the creativity

Create pixel art, and show it on your backpack. Also, be a part of an online community with the massive gallery. Let’s explore the creativity side.

Divoom Smart

Daily functions

This is more versatile than you think. It offers many useful functions including: SNS notification, Alarm clock, Mini games and more…

Your Safeguard

Travel safe with the illuminated backpack and bike-mount control, so others will spot you easily in the dark.

Go anywhere

Pixoo backpack is both flexible and splash resistant. Just plug in your powerbank, and it will go anywhere with you, rain or shine.

Lightweight Traveler

From laptop to wallet, Pixoo backpack
offers different compartments to fit all your
daily gears.so you can enjoy the journey

Media and KOL are all talking about Divoom

Divoom pixel art gadget has taken over the social media platforms by a storm.

Every YouTuber wants to unbox and feature this unique product on the channel.

This is your chance to experience the viral sensation.



  • Material:
    Polyester fiber, Cross-linked polyethylene,Sponge, XPE, EVA
  • Dimension:
    275 x 150 x385 mm
  • Capacity:
  • Weight:
  • Water Resistance:
    Water-resistant & Splash-proof
  • Setup steps:
    1) Connect backpack with a 2.0A Powerbank
    2) Download Divoom App and connect Pixoo-backpack
  • Caution:
    Do not machine wash. Do not apply sharp object or excess force on the LED panel.