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The helpful family gadget

Pixoo-Max is not just a lighting decoration.

It's a helpful gadget with multiple talents.

Beautiful accent for your room

Light up your room with the favorite art

Show off that unique taste with the special aura

Eye-catching signboard

Promote your business with the Pixoo-Max

Decorate the store and capture the shoppers attention


32x32 LED Matrix Size

Experience the 8-bit retro pixel art in the next level.

Pixoo-Max isolated each individual LED for

even lighting distribution.

Bluetooth 5.0 &
Voice Control

Ultra wide connection range and stability,
use Siri voice command to display your
favorite pixel art animations

Patented LED
Display Technology

With the specially-made screen ,
the light of Pixel image will be much
softer and eye-friendly for both young and old.

Ultra Longevity &
Temperature Tolerance

Equipped with 5000mAh industrial high temperature
tolerance battery which can stands -10 to 80°C

Gift Ready

Personalize the Pixoo-Max for your special one.

This will be the most unique gift for him/her.

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The Best Pixel Art CREATOR

  • Real-time GIF animation
  • Display QR Code
  • Largest Online Community with 1.5 millions of users

Massive Daily functions

  • Time Planner & SNS Notification
  • Wake-up Alarm
  • Mini Retro Games